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Our technology

Because we’re always in the pursuit of innovation, we’ve managed to integrate the latest technology options into our every step. This means that our customers get to enjoy the luxury of automated delivery – whether they’re waiting for a shipment to arrive to their doorstep or requesting that one be sent out for them.

Our user-friendly online interface enables anyone to track shipments anywhere, and make edits as deemed necessary. The FDS application, our ultimate logistics solution, is built to help your customers track the shipments they’re expecting, while you surf our website and revel in the options made available by the client portal. Through the portal tools, you are able to create new shipments, input details of delivery, and watch as the delivery status is automatically updated. You no longer have to wait for a call center representative to check the shipment status for you; with our technology, everything is just a click away.

This even extends beyond customers! The GPS-enabled options in our courier application make it possible for our captains to find locations seamlessly, without the hassle of having to contact you, or anyone, to ask directions. They even receive notifications about the preferred delivery times, and any updates a client might input into the portal.

This fully-integrated system exists for one sole purpose: provide a smooth, all-in-one and faultless delivery experience.


Imagine you own a small-scale online business and want to send an order to a customer. This customer’s address is long, confusing and is in an area that is difficult to navigate through. There is a delay in delivery because of that, as the courier company has to continuously reach out to the customer and ask for directions. Sometimes, the customer does not pick up, and the courier has to re-attempt delivery the following day. Other times, the courier simply gets lost. Even after the delivery is done, the customer complains that they are not satisfied, because the package was mishandled during shipping. You await your cash return, which is also late, and the cycle continues.

It’s a frustrating situation, and it has happened to all of us – whether we’re the ones sending packages to others or receiving them.

This story is precisely why FDS was created: to eliminate all of the above!

Our technology-based approach eliminates the need for phone calls and directions. The FDS portal enables clients to input new shipping requests with all relevant details through filling out a simple form and clicking a button, while our FDS courier application utilizes GPS services to enable our staff to find the shipping address anywhere in Egypt without any hassle. Senders can add or edit information as it becomes available, or even change the delivery address if need be. The portal enables them to track the shipment from the moment it is created and is periodically updated to reflect the order’s current status.

The recipient then pays and signs off on their order as proof of delivery. Our no damage guarantee ensures that the package is dropped off in prime condition and remains sealed throughout.

Of course, our portal is then updated to reflect the done delivery, and the sender then receives their cash return through the bank on a weekly basis… and repeat!


Well, what if you’re not an online business trying to sell your merchandise? What if you’re just a simple individual, looking to send something to a friend or a relative with as minimal hassle as possible?

Imagine you’re trying to either send or receive a stack of paperwork, or an item of clothing, or anything. You want the item to find its way to its delivery address as quickly as possible, but you don’t have time to send it yourself. You’ve considered shipping it, but it requires a lot of calls and at least a few days to get the process moving.

Here’s where FDS comes in, with an end-to-end solution to all your shipping needs.

Just by simply creating a profile on our website, you gain access to our client portal, upload your shipment details, request pick-up and it’s done! Your shipment is off for same-day delivery.

 Your friend awaits at the delivery address, after they receive an SMS detailing the shipment about to arrive at their doorstep. They sign into their account on our FDS customer application, choose the time and date of the delivery, and receive notifications as the shipment status changes.

Door-to-door shipping has never been so easy.

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